Rob Ryan

I first came across Rob’s work way back in 1996 when a group of us, who mainly went to Worthing College of Art and Design, or lived there put on a show in Chiltern Street, London W1 through Alternative Arts.
I exhibited the very first of my high-rise montages and Rob exhibited a number of ink drawings with the heading “THERE WILL BE FREE ART WON’T THERE SARGE????”
Believe it or not all of his drawings were absolutely free and I was very lucky to bag a beautiful drawing of a man walking past a house through some trees. The words “I walked and I thought” repeatedly written over the top. I absolutely love this drawing and it has had pride of place in my living room ever since. He has done a paper cut version of it for his book ‘This is For You’.
I have exhibited Rob’s work since I opened and here are a couple of the editioned screen prints that are available at Elphick’s .
£380 framed.


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Other Planets Cannot Be As Beautiful As This One



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The Kissing Gate

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