I was commissioned by Crawley Borough Council in 2006 to produce three artworks based on sporting activities in Crawley. This was my first ever Public Art Commission and I really enjoyed working on the project. The works are now housed in the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley in the bar area. 

‘Red, Yellow, Green and Blue’ involved photographing Crawley Town Football Club at two separate home games against Worcester City and Morecombe FC.

‘K2 Climb’ depicts several climbing sessions at K2. The climbing wall was chosen for the colourful patterns already created by the multi-coloured climbing holds.

‘Elastica’ involved photographing Hawth Gymnastics Club, where the girls were asked to adopt various gymnastic poses. These images were mirrored and repeated.

All measure 1m x 1m.



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Red, Yellow, Green and Blue


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K2 Climb


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2 Responses to “K2”

  1. Claire Loder Says:

    love these – especially the top one – made me think of Robin Rhode’s work http://www.perryrubenstein.com/artists/robin-rhode/

    I’ve just found your blog by chance while on the look out for more Kim Jenkins stuff and am really enjoying it all!

  2. elphicks Says:

    Thank you. I really enjoyed looking at Robin Rhode’s work, especially ‘Untitled, Landing’.

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