Birdie Lusch 1903-1988

I love the work of the self taught artist Birdie Lusch from Columbus, Ohio and here are a couple of my favourites. 

She spent most of her life working at the Timken Ball Bearing Factory but created these amazing collages for her own amusement.

Magazine cuttings, recycled envelopes and postage stamps were transformed into these quirky still life compositions all signed with an outline of a bird.





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4 Responses to “Birdie Lusch 1903-1988”

  1. kavel Says:

    Fantastic! Where did you find her work?

  2. Suzanne Alexander Says:

    Birdie Lusch was my grandmother’s sister. Anna, her sister, married my grandfather who was an Alexander. Birdie was always a little odd and kept chickens in her house. When she made “art” for us as kids, we ended up throwing it away because it was either a painting of one of her chickens or some rocks she had collected. She loved rocks, especially in her later years. Now that we are grown, we realise what a talented folk artist Aunt Birdie really was. She lived in her own little world and loved visits from my Aunt Ruthie (her niece) and the children.

  3. John M. Bennett Says:

    I met her and talked with her several times at her home in Columbus. She wrote poetry, too. We have several of her works around the house. The Ohio State University Rare Books & MSS Library has several of her scrapbooks in the Birdie Lusch Collection.

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