Charley Harper Has Arrived In London

Elphick’s is pleased to announce the arrival of Charley Harper’s prints to 160 Columbia Road and we are the FIRST UK retailer.

There is a varied selection ranging from an extremely reasonable £16 to £250 and all of them are stunning.

All prints come with a certificate of authentication signed by Brett Harper.

The following images depict the prints currently in stock with prices and sizes. Buy online by clicking here.


Lithograph. Paper size 29cm x 30.5cm. Image size 21cm x 23cm. Open Edition £40.

Chickadee Calisthenics.

Lithograph. Paper Size 26.5cm x 35cm. Image Size 19cm x 25.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Friends of our Families.

Lithograph. Paper Size 38cm x 34.5cm. Image Size 30.5cm x 26.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Gregarious Grosbeaks.

Lithograph. Paper size 37.5cm x 30cm. Image size 29.5cm x 22cm. Open Edition £40.

Hummingbird Homemaker.

Lithograph.Paper size 38cm x 30.5cm. Image size 30.5cm x 23cm. Open Edition £40.

Liberty Ladybug.

Lithograph. Paper size 25.5cm x 15cm. Image size 22.5cm x 12.5cm. Open Edition £16.


Lithograph. Paper Size 28cm x 29cm. Image Size 17.5cm x 18.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Upside Downside.

Lithograph. Paper size 29cm x 29cm. Image size 21.5cm x 24cm. Open Edition £40.

His Eyes are on the Sparrows.

Giclee. Paper size 75cm x 43cm. Image size 64.5cm 32cm. Edition of 500. £150.

Owl on the Prowl.

Giclee. Paper size 48cm x 48cm. Image size 38cm x 38cm. Edition of 300. £150.

Provocative Plumage.

Giclee. Paper size 42.5cm x 35cm. Image size 32cmx 24.5cm. Edition of 750 £105.

Zoo Babies.

Giclee. Paper size 56cm x 58cm. Image size 45.5cm 48cm. Edition of 300 £150.

Bark Eyes.

Serigraph. Paper size 56cm x 56cm. Image size 46cm x 46cm. £250.

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14 Responses to “Charley Harper Has Arrived In London”

  1. visualingual Says:

    Very cool! I live in Cincinnati, where the Harper family has been based for years, so I’m a huge fan of the work of all three of them. “Chickadee Calisthenics” and “Bark Eyes” are two of my favorite prints of Charley’s. At home, I live with “Cottonball in a Cotton Field” by Charley and “Lot’s Lot” by Edie and also Charley’s “Hare’s Breadth”. Next, I need to acquire one of Brett’s prints!

    Here’s something you might enjoy: Charley created this mosaic mural for the Federal Building in downtown Cincinnati. It’s amazing!

  2. Stephen Muir Says:

    Any more info on Charley Harper & his Prints, please?

    Is the full range shown here, and are there any larger?


    Stephen Muir.

  3. visualingual Says:

    Stephen, you can see every print of Charley’s that was ever published at, a site maintained by a Cincinnati gallery that’s had a relationship with the Harper family since the 1970s. A good, brief bio is on Wikipedia.

  4. elphicks Says:

    Wow, the mural is fantastic thank you so much for sending the link.
    I think I might just have to plan a visit to Cincinnati in the New Year.
    Thank you for posting a comment to Stephen too.
    The response to Charley’s work has been amazing….

  5. visualingual Says:

    If you ever do make it to Cincinnati, you’ll find that it offers a lot more of interest than you’d expect of a medium-sized Midwestern US city; I worked on the Cincinnati Design Guide to better show off the city.

  6. julie Says:

    do you sell mystery of the missing migrants?


  7. Shana Says:


    I was wondering if you have any more ‘Zoo babies’ available – and if so, would it be possible to receive before Christmas?


    • elphicks Says:

      Hi Shana,

      I have one left, it’s £150 + postage. I should imagine it is possible to receive before Christmas if I send guaranteed next day delivery.


  8. Davina Says:

    Just discovered Charley Harper via Elle Deco- what a find. I was just abt to place an order through the American Charley Harper website but delivery is $30! I was hoping to buy the poster ‘Warming/ Warning’ and also quite a few gift cards including ‘Love from above’, ‘brrrr-irthday’, ‘feeding station’, flamboyant feathers’, ‘lucky ladybug’, ‘upside downside’….do you stock any of these and if so how much is your postage for a London address?

    Thank you, look forward to hearing from you


  9. Geeta Says:


    This is fabulous. I have been wanting to buy Charlie Harper prints and keep flinching at the astronomical delivery rates charged by US sellers.

    Clearly need to plan a trip to your store! Do you stock all kinds of prints or only giclees? As an aside, Davina, you seem to like all the works I like! Happy hunting 🙂

    Thank you for bringing Charlie Harper to London!

    • elphicks Says:

      Hi Geeta,

      I mainly stock the lithographs and occasionally the Giclees and Screen prints. Most of them can be viewed on the online shop.


  10. Kate Garrod Says:

    Hi, I would love to have a print of the mystery of the missing migrants – would you be able to get any more in?

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