David Hockney- A Bigger Picture

I watched the documentary ‘David Hockney – A Bigger Picture’, part of the Imagine Series on BBC 1 last night and I am feeling totally inspired today as a result. It was so lovely to see the Yorkshire landscape and see the man at work, made me feel a little homesick. This programme is a ‘must see’ so if you missed it click here to watch it on iplayer. You can also download some free phone art, this is one of the images he created using the ‘Brushes’ app on his iphone.




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3 Responses to “David Hockney- A Bigger Picture”

  1. mark Says:

    Agree, very inspiring. He’s great for Yorkshire which they say isn’t represented enough in the London art scene?

  2. Pegatha Hughes Says:

    I watched this two weeks ago on British Airways flying from California to London ( and on to Spain) and was so inspired. It really made the flight almost a pleasure…such generous footage! I paint landscapes. It was like watching a superhero, the speed he gathers so deftly. Finally located the name and this web site. I’d love to buy it, not sure how over here.

    Thanks to British Airways for making it available.


  3. Sofia Singh Says:

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