Owl Stock

It’s been a while since I posted something on the blog and like waiting for a bus nothing comes for ages, then suddenly there’s three! I’m just about to bombard you with all things new here at Elphick’s. First up is Helen Musselwhite, she’s been busy with commercial projects designing book jackets, a mug for ‘Melt’ (the concession in Selfridges) and greetings cards to name but a few so we’ve been low on stock. Anyway I am glad to announce her paper sculptures are back on the walls at 160 Columbia Road so if you’re a fan grab yours quick because her owls literally fly out (pardon the pun)! Click here to buy online or swing by Elphick’s, where there is a larger range.



Owl Stock. Framed size 44cm x 24cm. £282


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One Response to “Owl Stock”

  1. lucia Says:

    I love Helen Musselwhite’s work, I haven’t seen one with so many lovely owls before – I think this is my new favourite one:)

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