arrangement(web)‘Arrangement’. Sharon Elphick.

bloomin'blouse(web)‘Bloomin’ Blouse’. Sharon Elphick.

letsfaceit(web)‘Let’s Face It’. Sharon Elphick.

So, I was a little shocked to see that my last blog post was nearly a whole year ago! I’m not sure if anyone visits here anymore but fingers crossed this might reach someone, and maybe inspire.

A lot has changed this past year. Elphick’s is no longer a retail space on Columbia Road but we still have the online shop, where you can buy affordable prints by some of your favourite artists.

We are now located in Hackney Wick, in the Bridget Riley Studios on Dace Road. I’m already loving it on ‘Fish Island’ and it’s great to be surrounded by so many creative people.

The new studio space, and not having a retail space is giving me the time and inspiration to create my own work again, which I am extremely excited about. I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve already made three postcards which are up for auction to raise money for the Hepatitis C Trust.

I will post more new work as it happens. Have a great day.


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