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Omniscient Owl

January 26, 2011

I placed an order of Harper prints on Monday so they should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to the arrival of this lithograph titled ‘Omniscient Owl’. I’d never heard of the word Omniscient before so thanks Charley for adding a new word to my vocabulary! If it’s new to you click here to find out its meaning. There’s been a lot of interest in Charley’s prints and I’m very low on stock, if you would like to know when the next batch has arrived it might be worth following me on twitter.

Mellow Yellow

January 24, 2011

Charley Harper’s ‘Gregarious Grosbeaks’ has been featured in February’s issue of Elle Decoration in ‘the month’s pick of great colours’. There seems to be accents of yellow flashing through the whole issue , which is uplifting when it’s so grey and cold outside! I’ve just placed a new order with the Harper studio which should be arriving real soon. If you want follow me on twitter I will send a tweet just as soon as they have arrived.

Darwin’s Finches

December 6, 2010

This image was a firm favourite of mine when it was only available as a greeting card, so I’m really pleased that the Estate of Charley Harper have now released it as an open edition lithograph. I’ve just added it to the online shop here. All the other prints are back in stock too, just in time for Christmas…phew!

Harper Christmas

December 16, 2009

It’s snowing outside, perfect for getting in the mood for  Columbia Roads ‘Christmas Wednesdays’. All of the shops and restaurants will be open this evening between 5pm and 9pm. Better still Charley Harper prints are back in stock! This print seemed very apt in celebration of the white stuff falling out of the sky. Buy online at Elphick’s online shop by clicking here.

‘Twowls’. Copyright Charley Harper 2009.

Charley Harper Flash Cards

October 21, 2009

Elphick’s is now selling a selection of Charley Haprer’s books and games produced by Ammo. First up is this brilliant set of flash cards with two floor puzzles on the reverse. The set includes 26 colourful cards for each letter of the alphabet, flip them over and you have a further two vibrant floor puzzles to keep the little ones occupied. Three fantastic games all for the bargain price of £9.95. They will soon be available to buy online here just as soon as I’ve sorted out the postage!



26 cards featuring each letter of the alphabet.



Each card measures 20cm x 10cm.



Floor puzzle measuring 60cm x 40cm.



Floor puzzle measuring 70cm x 40cm.



The box.

Elphick’s in Grand Designs Magazine

July 3, 2009

Elphick’s has been featured in the August issue of Grand Designs Magazine with an image of Charley Harper’s Gregarious Grosbeaks. Featured in the News story ’10 things to see, visit and buy this month’. Click here to buy his prints online.



Under The Sweet Gum Tree

June 24, 2009

The new batch of Charley Harper prints have arrived and Elphick’s is now stocking ‘Under The Sweet Gum Tree’. It’s an open edition lithograph and you can find out more about it’s size and price here, or drop by the shop where you’ll find it in the print browser. The print comes with a certificate of authentication, signed by Brett Harper.



Peril in the Petunias

March 26, 2009

It’s been very busy here at Elphick’s after the feature in Elle Deco. It’s great to know that more people are becoming aware of Elphick’s (the gallery/shop) and that we are the UK retailer of Charley Harper prints.

‘Upside Downside’ and ‘Gregarious Grosbeaks’ seem to be the firm favourites at the moment but I thought I would post an image of one of the NEW lithographs we have in stock. Surprise surprise I have opted for a print that doesn’t feature a bird, it does however feature my second obsession…flowers. ‘Peril in the Petunias’, Paper Size 38.7cm x 31cm, Image Size 30cm x 23.5cm. £40 + postage.

Order your print here and we will arrange delivery straight to your door.



Elphick’s in Elle Deco

March 9, 2009

Elphick’s has been featured in the April issue of Elle Decoration. Image No 1 is ‘Upside Downside’ £40 unframed by Charley Harper and image No 4 ‘New England’ by me (Sharon Elphick) £650 framed.



More Charley Harper

December 9, 2008

I have a whole new selection of Charley Harper prints in stock. I have the open edition lithographs at a very affordable £40 and some special limited edition screen prints which start at £185, perfect Christmas presents. You can visit my shop at 160 Columbia Road, London E2 or if you call 020 7033 7891 you can pay over the phone, postage will be added to the price and prints will be delivered to your door. The following are a selection of the prints available. All come with a certificate of authentication signed by Brett Harper, Charley’s son. You can now buy online here.


‘Good Lovin’ Turtle Dovin”. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 56cm x 25cm. Image Size 45cm x 15cm. £40


‘Homecoming’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 37cm x 31cm. Image Size 30cm x 23.5cm. £40


‘Loonscape’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 31.5cm x 32cm. Image Size 24cm x 24cm. £40


‘Mystery of the Missing Migrants’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 53cm x 38cm. Image Size 43cm x 28cm. £45


‘Octoberama’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 31.5cm x 31.5cm. Image Size 24cm x 24cm. £40


‘Wrental Property’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 41.5cm x 30.5cm. £40


‘House Wren with Clothesline’. NFS, I am keeping this for myself, it’s a stunner!


‘Clair De Loon’. Limited Edition Signed Screen Print 492/550. Paper Size 51cm x 37.5cm. Image Size 41cm x 28cm. £185