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Happy New Year

January 3, 2011

This year I stayed in on New Years Eve with a view to a ten-mile walk around Epping Forest on New Years Day. It was such a revelation waking without a sore head, walking through the deserted streets of London at 9am towards Bethnal Green Tube I felt a huge sense of satisfaction. The tube ride to Loughton had to be seen to be believed, most of the passengers still hadn’t made it home from their NYE parties.

Only half an hour away and Polly and I arrived at our destination for a power walk (thanks Polly, I’m still aching) through Epping. It’s so beautiful, the colours, smells and tranquility make me want to make the forest a regular destination as an escape from the concrete jungle that is London town.


Christmas Post

December 22, 2010

Red Sky in the Morning………..

December 22, 2010

……Shepherds warning! If only I’d have taken heed! This picture was taken at 7am last Saturday from my bedroom window. We set off to Sussex to deliver Christmas presents and by 11am around Gatwick we hit the worst snow storm I have ever seen and the most horrific driving conditions I have ever experienced. Martha and I braved it and made it, although we did shed a few tears!

Swanning around in Epping Forest

November 13, 2010

Rainbow over Haggerston Park

September 25, 2010

I’m still searching for the pot of gold, must be somewhere near Broadway Market!


September 7, 2010

I’ve been busy putting together a piece for the publishers Rosenstiels’s today which meant going through old digital photo’s, found these and I think they look rather nice together.

Find Me

September 7, 2010

I’m lost……

Martha and Me

September 4, 2010

She’s nine now so this is some time ago but I love this picture.

Day Tripper

September 2, 2010

Tuesday saw a day trip down the Thames to see the butterflies at Kew, the sun was shining which made for a very pleasant day. Martha met some new friends on the way too! Here are some of my favourite snaps.

Summer Holidays

September 2, 2010

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything on the blog, school holidays have made it hard to keep up. I think the nearest I have got to any creativity was drawing in the sand in Cornwall with Martha (dog), Bea Bea (cat) and mine had to be the owl! School starts next week and so blogging should be back on track.