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Paris Match, Edition 467, Page 49.

December 1, 2014

page49Paris Match, Edition 467, Page 49. Sharon Elphick 2014.

This collage has been created entirely from one page of a vintage magazine. I found this copy of Paris Match, from 1958 at Spitalfields Antique Market.

Printing at the Prince’s Drawing School

October 20, 2014

etch1(web)Inked up plate, ready for polishing.

etch2(web)Polished copper plate ready to print ‘Winter’ etching.

etch3(web)Polished copper plate in preparation to print ‘Summer’ etching.

etch5(web)Copper printing plate (left), ‘Spring’ etching from plate (right).

etch7(web)Sharon Elphick ‘Autumn’ etching.

On Friday I went to the ‘drop in’ etching class at the Prince’s Drawing School in Shoreditch. A customer had ordered the full set of my seasonal ‘Tree’ etchings, so I had the pleasure of spending the day printing in the basement of Charlotte Road. I love the drawing school and I’ve been going there on and off since 2008. It’s always really nice to see what other people are working on, the artist Sam Marshall was printing there too, check out her work here.

It’s a real labour of love, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me! I’m pleased to say that I printed one of each season, and thought I’d share some photo’s of the process.

Palette 62

October 1, 2014

palette62(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Palette 62’

Oh my word, this challenge is harder than I thought! Day three, postcard number three, somehow I think the chances of creating ten is pretty slim. On this piece I kind of reverted to my default and made things tricky for myself. I’m pleased with the result but tomorrow I can’t take as much time.

Monday Challenge!

September 29, 2014

bookishbuilding(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Bookish Building’.

So, I’ve st myself a challenge to create 10 original collages at postcard size by the end of this week. These will then be available for sale at £65 each on Friday. Please keep a look out at This is the first, it kind of looks like a building but it’s actually a collage of book shelves taken from a 1963 publication called ‘The Art of Interior Decoration’ by Hachette.

Katie Hillier

May 17, 2012

Mengsel Design

March 26, 2012

Here at Elphick’s we are pleased to announce the arrival of two new whale editions by Luzelle van der Westhuizen at Mengsel Design. Available in blue and black or green and grey, they are A3 in size and £40 each. Available to buy online here.

Launch of How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World Ever

May 26, 2011

Marcus Walters

May 10, 2011

Marcus has just released three new beautiful prints which are all available to buy right now by clicking here.

Strike a Pose

February 21, 2011

Elphick’s Vouchers Coming Soon

January 31, 2011

I know I’m easily pleased but I’m so excited about these newly designed vouchers by the fantastic James Brown. Just need to be printed now, will let you know just as soon as they are available to buy!