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Loose Fit

November 5, 2014

loosefitsmall‘Loose Fit’ Sharon Elphick 2014

I completed this collage yesterday, I seem to be getting slower, always so much to do. For this artwork I used a copy of Paris Match from the 4th of May 1968. I was born in November 1968 so it’s one of my favourite years, and these are some of my favourite colours. I’ve just put it up for sale here.


Happy Friday

November 5, 2014

happyfriday(web)‘Happy Friday’ Sharon Elphick

I completed this collage on the 24th of October, which was a Friday, hence the name! It proved to be a happy Sunday too, as it sold on the 26th. I’m really pleased with the success of the new works as they are a new direction for me, which my customers seem to love.

Twelve Squares

October 3, 2014

twelvesquares(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Twelve Squares’

So at the beginning of the week I set myself a challenge to create 10 original artworks of postcard size by today. I’ve been cutting and sticking all week but I think I set my sights a little too high, productivity amounted to a total of 4! However, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and it has given me great satisfaction to see new work by ME on Elphick’s website. I am going to stay true to my word and offer ten originals for £65 but I think completion is more likely to be by the end of next week. The four that are finished to date are available now at

Palette 62

October 1, 2014

palette62(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Palette 62’

Oh my word, this challenge is harder than I thought! Day three, postcard number three, somehow I think the chances of creating ten is pretty slim. On this piece I kind of reverted to my default and made things tricky for myself. I’m pleased with the result but tomorrow I can’t take as much time.


September 30, 2014

reddot(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Red Dot’

Day two, postcard number two. I’m not exactly sure what is going on here but I’m having fun. Trying not to think too much, just see what happens. It will be interesting to see them all together at the end of the week, in fact I better get my skates on otherwise there will be no chance of completing 10!