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April 14, 2010

More wonderful work by Mr Supermundane available to buy online by clicking your mouse here or you could swing by the shop at 160 Columbia Road and see them in the flesh for yourself, sure to bring a huge smile to your face! We are open Saturdays 12pm – 5pm, Sundays 9am – 4pm.

More Charley Harper

December 9, 2008

I have a whole new selection of Charley Harper prints in stock. I have the open edition lithographs at a very affordable £40 and some special limited edition screen prints which start at £185, perfect Christmas presents. You can visit my shop at 160 Columbia Road, London E2 or if you call 020 7033 7891 you can pay over the phone, postage will be added to the price and prints will be delivered to your door. The following are a selection of the prints available. All come with a certificate of authentication signed by Brett Harper, Charley’s son. You can now buy online here.


‘Good Lovin’ Turtle Dovin”. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 56cm x 25cm. Image Size 45cm x 15cm. £40


‘Homecoming’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 37cm x 31cm. Image Size 30cm x 23.5cm. £40


‘Loonscape’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 31.5cm x 32cm. Image Size 24cm x 24cm. £40


‘Mystery of the Missing Migrants’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 53cm x 38cm. Image Size 43cm x 28cm. £45


‘Octoberama’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 31.5cm x 31.5cm. Image Size 24cm x 24cm. £40


‘Wrental Property’. Open Edition Lithograph. Paper Size 41.5cm x 30.5cm. £40


‘House Wren with Clothesline’. NFS, I am keeping this for myself, it’s a stunner!


‘Clair De Loon’. Limited Edition Signed Screen Print 492/550. Paper Size 51cm x 37.5cm. Image Size 41cm x 28cm. £185

Charley Harper Has Arrived In London

November 3, 2008

Elphick’s is pleased to announce the arrival of Charley Harper’s prints to 160 Columbia Road and we are the FIRST UK retailer.

There is a varied selection ranging from an extremely reasonable £16 to £250 and all of them are stunning.

All prints come with a certificate of authentication signed by Brett Harper.

The following images depict the prints currently in stock with prices and sizes. Buy online by clicking here.


Lithograph. Paper size 29cm x 30.5cm. Image size 21cm x 23cm. Open Edition £40.

Chickadee Calisthenics.

Lithograph. Paper Size 26.5cm x 35cm. Image Size 19cm x 25.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Friends of our Families.

Lithograph. Paper Size 38cm x 34.5cm. Image Size 30.5cm x 26.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Gregarious Grosbeaks.

Lithograph. Paper size 37.5cm x 30cm. Image size 29.5cm x 22cm. Open Edition £40.

Hummingbird Homemaker.

Lithograph.Paper size 38cm x 30.5cm. Image size 30.5cm x 23cm. Open Edition £40.

Liberty Ladybug.

Lithograph. Paper size 25.5cm x 15cm. Image size 22.5cm x 12.5cm. Open Edition £16.


Lithograph. Paper Size 28cm x 29cm. Image Size 17.5cm x 18.5cm. Open Edition £40.

Upside Downside.

Lithograph. Paper size 29cm x 29cm. Image size 21.5cm x 24cm. Open Edition £40.

His Eyes are on the Sparrows.

Giclee. Paper size 75cm x 43cm. Image size 64.5cm 32cm. Edition of 500. £150.

Owl on the Prowl.

Giclee. Paper size 48cm x 48cm. Image size 38cm x 38cm. Edition of 300. £150.

Provocative Plumage.

Giclee. Paper size 42.5cm x 35cm. Image size 32cmx 24.5cm. Edition of 750 £105.

Zoo Babies.

Giclee. Paper size 56cm x 58cm. Image size 45.5cm 48cm. Edition of 300 £150.

Bark Eyes.

Serigraph. Paper size 56cm x 56cm. Image size 46cm x 46cm. £250.