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February 7, 2012

I have been buying bags from Paul at Gardners since I opened the shop five years ago. There are plenty of places where I could shop for my sundries but not one of them would be able to provide the service I get from Paul.

When I first started buying from him my orders were small and I would visit his premises on Commercial Street. Being a bit of a neat freak I was always suprised that he knew where anything was in what seemed like chaos to me. Piles upon piles of bags leaving very limited space to stand.

As my business grew so did my need for bags and Paul very kindly offered to deliver at no extra cost. He now regularly delivers on a Friday, having only received a phone call a couple of hours previously.

I have come to enjoy our Friday chats about his boys, their love of stock car racing, music and karate amongst other things.

Paul is one of the nicest chaps you could wish to meet, he never seems hassled, always has a smile and is happy to help. That’s why I would never consider buying sundries anywhere else.

James Brown has designed Paul a flyer to help promote his business and a limited edition print (featured above) which is available here.

There is a fantastic article written about the history of Gardners on the blog Spitalfields Life. For further reading click here.