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Rob Clarke Screen Prints

October 10, 2010

Rob Clarke ‘Wood duck’

Rob Clarke ‘Super Crazy Bird’

Rob Clarke ‘Crazy Bird’ (Colour)

Rob Clarke ‘Crazy Bird’ (Black and White)

Rob Clarke, the king of dog and bird paintings has turned his hand to silk-screen printing and has come up with these rather fine editions. More info here. You can see them in their full glory at the Multipied Art Fair which starts this Friday 15th October at Chritie’s.

Pretty on Pink

February 3, 2010

Rob Clarke has just dropped off some new paintings and I particularly love these dog pictures on this rather gorgeous pink  background. Painted with acrylic on canvas measuring 8″ x 10″ and coated with Yacht varnish, super glossy. Available to buy at

Rob Clarke ‘Brabancon’

Rob Clarke ‘Bull Terrier’


June 9, 2009

New bird drawings by Rob Clarke are now available at the Elphick’s online store, click here to see them. This is one of my favourites.



Rob Clarke

February 9, 2009

Rob has been busy with the paints again and has brought in some more beautiful paintings of birds. These two are a couple of my favourites, I love the vibrant blue backgrounds. The words depict the birds chorus apparently, Great Tits like to sing ‘tee-ta tee-ta tee’, whilst the Bullfinch sings ‘pew-pew’. Both measure 10″ x 8″ and are £188 each.





This Bird Has Flown

October 18, 2008

Beautiful painting of a rather exotic looking bird by Rob Clarke. £141


Italian Greyhound

September 11, 2008

I posted some of Rob Clarke’s drawings earlier on in the blog. His work is incredibly popular at Elphick’s and here is one of his latest paintings of an Italian Greyhound. Painted in acrylic on canvas and varnished over the top.

Measures 25cm x 20cm £188.



Rob Clarke Italian Greyhound £188

Rob Clarke

May 29, 2008

Rob has been one of the artist’s at Elphick’s from the very start and his drawings of birds and dogs have been very popular down here on Columbia Road. Here is a small selection but you will find a whole lot more in the print and drawing browser at Elphick’s.

He does rather beautiful paintings of flowers and plants which I will post up later.


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Western Kingbird. 29cm x 20cm £94


Mandarin. 40cm x 29cm £141


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Lurcher. 29cm x 21cm £94


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Alaskan Malamute. 29cm x 20cm £94