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An Etching for Every Season

October 20, 2014

4seasonsThese etchings are now available online again. You can buy the set, or individual seasons at

Printing at the Prince’s Drawing School

October 20, 2014

etch1(web)Inked up plate, ready for polishing.

etch2(web)Polished copper plate ready to print ‘Winter’ etching.

etch3(web)Polished copper plate in preparation to print ‘Summer’ etching.

etch5(web)Copper printing plate (left), ‘Spring’ etching from plate (right).

etch7(web)Sharon Elphick ‘Autumn’ etching.

On Friday I went to the ‘drop in’ etching class at the Prince’s Drawing School in Shoreditch. A customer had ordered the full set of my seasonal ‘Tree’ etchings, so I had the pleasure of spending the day printing in the basement of Charlotte Road. I love the drawing school and I’ve been going there on and off since 2008. It’s always really nice to see what other people are working on, the artist Sam Marshall was printing there too, check out her work here.

It’s a real labour of love, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me! I’m pleased to say that I printed one of each season, and thought I’d share some photo’s of the process.

Throw Back Thursday!

October 16, 2014

archistripe(web)Sharon Elphick ‘Architectural Stripe’ 2014

This new piece looks like one of my old works from the 90’s. My love of high-rise architecture continues, with a stripe made from architectural details. This piece uses a vintage magazine rather than photographs that I’ve taken. I bought a collection of ‘Domus’ magazines from Spitalfields Antique Market, and this collage is made from edition 572 from 1977. It’s available to buy at

Fifteen Purple Triangles

October 15, 2014

15purpletriangles(web)Sharon Elphick ‘Fifteen Purple Tiangles’.

I seem to be a little obsessed with geometry right now! Here’s the latest in my recent ‘postcard challenge’. I like the way that there is a feeling of repetition, that there is a pattern forming, but no symmetry. I also love that there are no perfectly straight edges, as if you could keep adding to the piece ad infinitum. It’s available to buy here.

Unconscious Inspiration

October 8, 2014

inspirationAs I sat watching TV last night, I caught sight of a book called ‘Interaction of Color’ by Josef Albers. I bought this book at the Royal Academy’s show ‘Radical Geometry’ back in August. It has sat on my living room floor on top of a pile of books ever since. I was blown away to realise how unconsciously it had inspired me to create the piece I made on the right, and thought it might be an interesting thing to share.

High-Rising Read

October 7, 2014

highrisingread(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘High-Rising Read’

So I’m back working on my postcard challenge. I’m over the moon with the response to last weeks creations, I sold three out of the four designs. I’ve also had a request to produce another building made of books, so here it is. I’m hoping that my customer will like it, otherwise it will be up for sale on the online shop at

Twelve Squares

October 3, 2014

twelvesquares(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Twelve Squares’

So at the beginning of the week I set myself a challenge to create 10 original artworks of postcard size by today. I’ve been cutting and sticking all week but I think I set my sights a little too high, productivity amounted to a total of 4! However, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and it has given me great satisfaction to see new work by ME on Elphick’s website. I am going to stay true to my word and offer ten originals for £65 but I think completion is more likely to be by the end of next week. The four that are finished to date are available now at

Yesterday’s Inspiration

October 2, 2014

fishwebThis beautiful tin was the inspiration for yesterday’s collage. Thank you for all of your wonderful compliments so far, it’s been really encouraging.

Palette 62

October 1, 2014

palette62(web)Sharon Elphick. ‘Palette 62’

Oh my word, this challenge is harder than I thought! Day three, postcard number three, somehow I think the chances of creating ten is pretty slim. On this piece I kind of reverted to my default and made things tricky for myself. I’m pleased with the result but tomorrow I can’t take as much time.